Scattered: One Person’s Search for the Story Behind Human Remains

This is a podcast about human remains and the dead. There are many parts to this story. Join me as I explore the story, piece together often disparate parts, and attempt to gain some insight into this obscure topic.

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For videos of the Scavenging Project, see this page.

Scattered Episode 17: Collaboration and Respecting the Dead – Interview with Andrew Bernie

Scattered Episode 16: The Scavenging Project – Interview with Dr. Shari Forbes

Scattered Episode 15: The Canadian Casualty Identification Program – Interview with Dr. Sarah Lockyer

Scattered Episode 14: A Service to the Dead – Interview with Lara Indra & Dr. David Errickson

Scattered Episode 13: Putting Humanity into Archaeology – Interview with Sarah Woodman

Scattered Episode 12: Next of Kin & the Forensic Anthropologist – Interview with Dr. Nicholas Marquez-Grant

Scattered Episode 11: For the Love

Scattered Episode 10: Christine Hymanyk – Student Experiment

Scattered Episode 09: Shari & the Pig Trials – The Search & Results

Scattered Episode 08: A Police View on Scattered Remains – Interview with A/Det. Amanda Johnson

Scattered Episode 07: Shari & the Pig Trials – The Set-up

Scattered Episode 06: Bears – Interviews with Dan, Dave and Lyle

Scattered Episode 05: Mountain Lions – Interview with Kevin Blecha

Scattered Episode 04: Tales of a Forensic Anthropologist – Interview with Pamela Mayne Correia

Scattered Episode 03: Coyotes – Interview with Dr. Shelley Alexander

Scattered Episode 02: A Path to Forensic Archaeology – Interview with Dr. Alexandria Young

Scattered Episode 01: Introduction & the Chandra Levy Case

Music by Bensound.com and by Coma-Media from Pixabay

Yvonne Kjorlien: Host, Producer & Writer

I’m a physical anthropologist and archaeologist who studies scattered and scavenged remains. I do this to help increase the recovery rate of human remains in outdoor contexts, to help law enforcement personnel close forensic cases and provide closure for families. I hope this podcast helps people become aware of and increase their knowledge of the research regarding human remains.

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