Scattered Episode 09: Shari & the Pig Trials – The Search & Results

This episode continues from Episode 7: Shari & the Pig Trials – The Set-up. I recommend you go back and listen to that episode before listening to this, if you haven’t yet done so.

In October 2021, we conducted a search exercise on two of the four pig carcasses we deposited near Edmonton. This search exercise involved the Edmonton Police Service, Pam Mayne Correia, and volunteer searchers. We conducted informal searches of locations of the other six pig carcasses in September through November 2021.

In this podcast, you’ll hear about:

  • The search exercise in Edmonton.
  • How volunteer searchers search and what they go through on a search.
  • Some preliminary results as we analyse scavenging and scatter data from the eight pig carcasses we placed outside of Calgary and Edmonton in August 2021.
  • Some other lessons from doing these trials.
  • How we may move forward in this research and collaboration.

This is Shari’s website:

Listen to Episode 4 in which I talk to Pam about being a forensic anthropologist in Alberta.

Check out my blog for a series of posts (“The Smell of Dead Pig in the Morning“) that features pictures and details about searching for the remains of these pig carcasses.

Support the podcast and my research and Buy Me A Coffee. Your contributions will go toward webhosting, transcriptions, and paying for my research travel expenses. (Gas ain’t cheap!) Want to find out more about my research? Check out the Scavenging Study.

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