Anthropology is literally the study (-ology) of man (anthro-). It includes everything from studying culture to human evolution to languages. It’s pretty big picture and holistic; that’s why Yvonne loves it.


Since 1998, Yvonne has performed archaeology in four countries and has experience working with oil & gas, forestry, utility, First Nations, and law enforcement clients.

Read the article “What do archaeologists do?” to find out more about archaeology.

Photo credit: Sarah Woodman

Physical Anthropology

This is where it all started for Yvonne: she fell in love with human evolution. It’s all about the dead people, really. Every body tells a story. And, oh, what a story!

Photo credit: Yvonne Kjorlien

Scattered Remains

Yvonne’s research focuses on patterns in the way remains are scattered by scavengers. Why? To collect the remains, of course!

She has developed the “Bone Search and Recovery Short Course” to help new and civilian searchers search for scattered remains. As well, Yvonne has gathered experienced people to talk about their views on scavenged and scattered remains in the podcast “Scattered“.

I have known Yvonne both professionally and as a friend, and within both perspectives she is both courageous  and genuine. I have always known Yvonne to stand-up for her principles in equity, respectful enquiry, and holistic teamwork.

S. Woodman, Culture and Heritage Professional

Let’s work together.

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