Who the Heck is Yvonne?

If time travel was possible, we could go back to my birth and likely see a well-intentioned fairy godmother standing at the foot of my cradle saying, “She will love to dig.” This would explain why I later became an archaeologist. It may also explain why I love to dig into the workings of human nature. It would also help explain why I love helping people do their own digging.

Too often, I find that people are either afraid of asking ‘why’ or of the answer they’ll receive. I get it. It’s much easier to learn from others’ mistakes. It’s safer. But, ultimately, do you learn anything from not asking or not doing?

My favourite question is “Why?” I ask “Why?” through anthropology, consulting, and creativity.

Yvonne has a deadly combination of intelligence, good common sense, practicality, and solid training.

R. Dickau, Ph.D, archaeologist


Since 1998, Yvonne has been a consulting archaeologist and physical anthropologist, and has helped industry clients and forensic investigators achieve their goals. Yvonne is seeking ways to disseminate knowledge based on her research and from local experts. Check out the podcast Scattered and the Scavenging Study, a research project focusing on scavenged and scattered remains.


Yvonne provides consultation in regards to both writing and anthropology. She is a writing coach or creative guide for those who are struggling with writer’s block, or who need some support as they birth a new work into the world. She is also an active consultant and researcher regarding scattered and scavenged remains. What do you need? Contact Yvonne.


Yvonne’s portfolio showcases various creative and technical projects created throughout her career, including the blog The Reluctant Archaeologist. Check out her latest novel, Waiting for Fate available in print on Amazon and as an ebook at most major vendors.

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