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Yvonne empowers people who are seeking their passion and zest to dig in and play with the mysteries of their own life.

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Are you a writer and need help?

Maybe you’d really like to be writer. Really, really like to be.

But you’re having trouble starting.

Or following-through.

Or finishing.

Or publishing.

Or talking about it. Or yourself as a writer. Or, god-forbid, an author!

I look at myself as a facilitator. I’m not a therapist, but I’ll ask questions to help you find and own your path.

I’m an intuitive (INFJ), highly-sensitive, multi-passionate writer — ahem, author — who can offer you a place and space to explore who you are as a writer and figure out what you need to find your version of success.

If you’re a person who:

  • swears by word counts, outlining, and needs accountability;
  • is looking for an editor, either to proofread or provide substantive feedback, or;
  • is looking for an action plan and guarantees and outcomes….

Then I’m not the right person for you.

If you’re a person who:

  • is (likely) intuitive, highly-sensitive, and might even be gifted / rainforest-minded;
  • is having trouble writing…anything;
  • is struggling with feeling like you’re in conversation with your characters, like you’re living in a fantasy world, and you don’t know what to do with all this ’cause it’s weird;
  • if you feel pressured (mostly by yourself) to produce, but the typical methods of writing aren’t working for you…

Then I might be the right person for you.

Reach out via the link below to schedule a FREE 15-minute consult to find out if we can work together.

Current Rates:

  • One-hour Zoom call: $90 USD. I offer a NaNoWriMo coaching special: $60 USD for the month of November.
  • I do one-off, one-hour sessions and not bundles so that you can remain flexible and follow your intuition.

I use PayPal for easy billing and payments.

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