Credit: Jennifer Chipperfield

I’m impressed by Yvonne’s intelligence, humility despite her own excellence, her gentle but firm manner to effectively manage a team, and how she always keeps what can be a difficult process, very pleasant and even fun.

~ Christa Bedwin, writer & editor

Are you a writer and need help?

Maybe you’d really like to be writer. Really, really like to be.

But you’re having trouble starting.

Or following-through.

Or finishing.

Or publishing.

Or talking about it. Or yourself as a writer. Or, god-forbid, an author!

I look at myself as a facilitator. I’m not a therapist, but I’ll ask questions to help you find and own your path.

Do you need help searching for remains?

Yvonne is a trained biological anthropologist and archaeologist, and who actively researches scattered and scavenged remains. She offers training and consultation for volunteer groups and law enforcement.

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