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Elise Marquette is in space!

It’s ten years in the future. There’s been a war. Intergalactic space travel is now a thing. Elise has earned her PhD and is once again desperate for a job.

Dr. Marquette is a Cultural Liaison with the United Free Agents, helping to solve trade mission issues on the other side of the Main Gate, a gateway between this galaxy and another. How the hell did she get out here? Her mother died. 

Elise is stuck in a tin space can with a bunch of males who carry big guns. Aliens are the least of her worries. 

The Reluctant Archaeologist blog

Digging. Literally and metaphorically. The Reluctant Archaeologist blog (2010 – pres.) focuses on bringing light to the depths of life and writing, all through an anthropological perspective.

Waiting for Fate, Book One in the Fate Series

In separate worlds, Cary and Simone are each backed into a corner. Fate has delivered a life-or-death timeline within which each must deal with past trauma and external pressures. Alone, each is reluctant to surrender to their circumstances; together, they discover options. Will they fight or surrender? Or will they find another way all together?

Genre: fiction, fantasy, contemporary fantasy

Available in print and ebook.

Memoirs of a Reluctant Archaeologist: A Novel

Elise Marquette likes dead people but digging up the dead doesn’t pay. Consulting Archaeology does. Her desperate need for money has biological anthropologist Elise stuck in a mundane job working for greedy, callous oil companies. It’s a soul-sucking existence and she can’t see a way out.

As if that wasn’t enough, Elise’s family is a disaster, and she’s given up on love and romance. Just when she’d resigned herself to torturous family dinners, cheap comfort food, safety forms and steel-toed boots, she meets an archaeologist during a brief respite to Ireland. The attractive Gavin Cleary has Elise re-evaluating what happiness is and what it’s truly worth.

Get ready to join Elise Marquette on a wild ride full of adventure, heart, and a healthy dose of humour. Eat your heart out, Indiana Jones – Elise is the new queen of archaeology!

Genre: fiction, adventure, woman’s fiction

Available in print and ebook.

Rule Number Four

Tanis Foster has a list of 61 people. He also has four rules to follow.
There is now one person and one rule left. Will he finish?

Genre: short story, science fiction, speculative fiction

Available through most e-reader vendors, including Smashwords, Apple Books, and Kobo.

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