Bone Search & Recovery Short Course

An online, on-demand entry-level introduction to scavenged and scattered remains.

This course was discontinued in December 2021. If you require assistance with your search or with training, contact Yvonne.


Memoirs of a Reluctant Archaeologist: A Novel

Elise Marquette likes dead people, but digging up the dead doesn’t pay. Consulting Archaeology does. Consulting Archaeology also offers many other benefits: dealing with clients who don’t understand that you can’t dig frozen ground, assistants who would rather talk about their sex lives than dig an excavation, and landowners who would rather shoot than talk. Eat your heart out, Indiana Jones!

Print and Kindle versions available via Amazon.

Ebook available through most e-reader vendors, including Smashwords.

Rule Number Four

Tanis Foster has a list of 61 people. He also has four rules to follow.
There is now one person and one rule left. Will he finish?

Available through most e-reader vendors, including Smashwords.


Merchandise featuring Yvonne’s paintings available through Society6, RedBubble, and Make Playing Cards.

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