Scattered Episode 05: Interview with Kevin Blecha

Kevin Blecha is a Wildlife Biologist with Colorado Parks & Wildlife. His graduate & published work focuses on risk and reward in wildlife feeding behaviours. His research has included looking at the feeding behaviours of mountain lions. In this episode we talk about:

  • the typical feeding behaviour of mountain lions (cougars, puma, panthers)
  • whether or not mountain lions scavenge and under what circumstances
  • caching or burying behaviour of mountain lions
  • if scattering, disarticulation or dismemberment could be attributed to mountain lion feeding behaviour

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Check out his Open Access article here:

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I used to be an archaeologist. I guess, in a lot of ways, I still am and always was. I like to dig -- into human nature. It's dirty work, and I often don't like what I dig up. It used to be stone tools and other assorted artifacts, now it's often the truth or more questions. However, the digging is always enlightening and I always end up knowing more than when I started out.

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