Scattered Episode 06: Bears – Interviews with Dan, Dave and Lyle

Dan Zadra, David Lewis, and Lyle Willmarth all work with Colorado Parks & Wildlife. Many big thanks to these men for sharing their wisdom with me! Dan is a Wildlife/Property Technician who used to be a hunting guide. Dave works seasonally and part-time with CPW, and Lyle is full-time veteran with over 25 years underContinue reading “Scattered Episode 06: Bears – Interviews with Dan, Dave and Lyle”

Scattered Episode 05: Interview with Kevin Blecha

Kevin Blecha is a Wildlife Biologist with Colorado Parks & Wildlife. His graduate & published work focuses on risk and reward in wildlife feeding behaviours. His research has included looking at the feeding behaviours of mountain lions. In this episode we talk about: the typical feeding behaviour of mountain lions (cougars, puma, panthers) whether orContinue reading “Scattered Episode 05: Interview with Kevin Blecha”