Scattered Episode 07: Shari & the Pig Trials – The Set-up

Shari Forbes, Ph.D, is a chemist who specializes in the scent of decomposition. She has a “body farm”, REST(ES) at Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières in Quebec, and works with law enforcement dog handlers across Canada to train the dogs on the scent of human cadavers.

In April 2021, Shari reached out to my colleague, Pam Mayne Correia, to seek the help of a forensic anthropologist in Alberta. Shari had been conducting a series of “trials” or pilot studies on the scavenging and scattering of remains and was looking to expand these trials beyond Quebec and Ontario. Pam forwarded Shari to me, and the fun began!

In this podcast, you’ll hear about:

  • How Shari got started on these “pig trials”
  • Who we were working with in Alberta: Calgary and Edmonton Police Services
  • Some of our challenges in setting up these trials

This is Shari’s website:

Listen to Episode 4 in which I talk to Pam about being a forensic anthropologist in Alberta.

Check out my blog for a series of posts (“The Smell of Dead Pig in the Morning“) that features pictures and details about searching for the remains of these pig carcasses.

Support the podcast and my research and Buy Me A Coffee. Your contributions will go toward webhosting, transcriptions, and paying for my research travel expenses. (Gas ain’t cheap!) Want to find out more about my research? Check out the Scavenging Study.

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