Yvonne is a creative who’s done a bit of everything. See the “Shop” page too.

I’m impressed by Yvonne’s intelligence, humility despite her own excellence, her gentle but firm manner to effectively manage a team, and how she always keeps what can be a difficult process, very pleasant and even fun.

~ Christa Bedwin, writer & editor

Creative Writing

Digging. Literally and metaphorically. The Reluctant Archaeologist blog (2010 – pres.) focuses on bringing light to the depths of life and writing, all through an anthropological perspective.

Kjorlien, Y., (2022). Waiting for Fate, Book One. Print and electronic versions. Kindle Direct Publishing, Draft2Digitial, Smashwords.

Kjorlien, Y., (2017). Memoirs of a Reluctant Archaeologist: A Novel. Print version. Amazon CreateSpace.

Kjorlien, Y., (2013). Rule Number Four. Smashwords.

Kjorlien, Y., (2011). Memoirs of a Reluctant Archaeologist: A Novel. e-book version. Smashwords.

Kjorlien, Y., (2010). Flight of Being. In Treasures Along the Fenceline, edited by J. Baxter and D. Smith.

Technical / Academic Writing

Google Scholar page

Lock, J., Kjorlien, Y., Tweedie, G., Dressler, R., Eaton, S.E., & Spring, E. (2019). Advancing the Writing of Academics: Stories from the Writing Group. In Critical Collaboration Communities: Academic Writing Partnerships, Groups, and Retreats, edited by N. Simmons and A. Singh, pp. 55-65. Sense Publications, Leiden.

Lock. J., Wilcox, G., Kjorlien, Y. (2017) Self-Care, Health and Well-Being in the Academy. Journal of Educational Thought 50 (2 & 3): 78-79.

Kjorlien, Y. (2006 – 14). Over 65 technical reports, including Historical Resources Assessment reports, First Nation Consultation reports, Traditional Knowledge Assessment reports.

Kjorlien, Y., Beattie, O., Peterson, A. (2009). Scavenging activity can produce predictable patterns in surface skeletal remains scattering: Observations and comments from two experiments. Forensic Science International. Vol. 188 (1): 103-106.

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